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About the company

The Manufacturing Support Group is a Holding/Investment company for organisations that support UK manufacturing.

Companies within the Group all add value to a variety of UK manufacturers, from support in helping keep the manufacturing process going, to accessing Government Grants and funding.

We are always looking to invest or purchase manufacturing companies who fit in with our vision of adding valuable support to other manufacturing companies.

To create real value through a collection of like-minded companies all working together to provide honest and affordable support services for manufacturing companies, making them more profitable and sustainable in the process”.

We use our Mission Statement to ensure that our people, clients and suppliers have a simple, clear and consistent understanding of what we do.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the market leader in Business Support Services for the UK’s manufacturing industry”.

We plan to continue on a journey of controlled growth by broadening our brand recognition and reputation by adding real quantifiable value to our clients. We also aim to create further growth through the addition of compatible, companies of like mind joining the group.